south bay reapers vintage base ball club

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California Vintage Base Ball Federation

The great American pastime traveled west with pioneers in their search for gold and a new way of life and getting to California meant surviving the wild-wild-west. As a result, a newer, more rugged form of base ball was created. It is with this same passion and spirit that we play the game. Most CVBBF games are played according to the rules and customs of 1886.

Ballists of all ages and talent levels come out and play this breed of base ball. Although each game is essentially a reenactment of an earlier form of the sport, matches are nonetheless hard fought competitions with the utmost sportsmanship, fairness and respect.

The goal of the CVBBF is to develop and organize vintage base ball in California and create strong partnerships with ball clubs all over the United States. Currently, the CVBBF is in a major growth mode and is recruiting players from all over the Bay Area, Monterey County, and even the Central Valley in order to add teams to the federation for future seasons.

Along with the growth of vintage base ball, there has been a huge surge of momentum over the past few years and a wave of excitement has been created. The CVBBF is uniquely positioned to benefit from the excitement created with the partnerships and connections it has made with Major League Baseball and the MLBPAA. The relationships that have developed are fostering new opportunities and provide the exposure necessary to reach the growth goals of the CVBBF.

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The above picture was taken at the 75th Anniversary Celebration of Washington Park in Santa Clara, Ca. Built in the 1930's, Washington Park is the South Bay's only true vintage field in existence. Many people were in attendance at this event including the Mayor of Santa Clara and even Miss Teen Santa Clara.